Madagascar President says goodbye to WHO, calls on Africa to exit



The president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has called on all African Nations to quit the world health organization (WHO) because of the bad faith of Europe towards Africa.

The Madagascar president says, Europe created organization with the desire for Africans to remain dependent on them.

Africa particularly Madagascar has found a medicine against Coronavirus but Europe thinks they have a monopoly of intelligence as such they are refusing to acknowledge it.

It is against this backdrop that that Madagascar president invite all African Nations to quit all international organization in order for them to build theirs.

“My country Madagascar leaves all the organization and I call on other African Nations to do the same” said the president.

The big question still remains. Will other African Nations turned up for his invite and quit the WHO. If they do so wht effect would it have on African Nations.

But most of African countries are developing countries with a huge debt from Europe and Asia, some even get donation and development project from the Europeans so quiting international organization will pose a great effect to their development and economy.


Source; opera news

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