“intensify public education on covid-19 as partial lockdown is lifted”- MFCS Director



Sheikh Mohammed Bun Bida, Programs Director for Muslim Family Counseling Services (MFCS) has described as a feeble and a rushed decision, the dissolution of the lockdown which was imposed on Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi under a presidential directive by His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

The premature termination of the ban he underlined may spell more doom for the country, explaining that if much care is not exercised, a lot of Ghanaians will catch the coronavirus infection.

He disclosed to leakynews.net that President before announcing the lockdown cessation should have engaged civil society organizations through the Social Welfare in an intensive rural sensitization program on coronavirus especially its mode of transmission and the needed safety measures.

Most rural residents he disclosed are out of touch with the contemporary system of communication ie internet, television, radio, newspaper or any other social media platforms due to intellectual deficiencies and lack of access onto the national grid.

“These are the same people who move to markets located in rural areas for commercial activities. Following the lifting of the ban, they will easily catch the virus through their ignorance. This is because the education has not gone down well due to the existing communication barriers”, he explained.


For Sheikh Bun Bida, it appears Civil Societies and social welfare have been neglected in the area of public sensitization and that the role of the latter has been given to officials of NADMO.

He suggested that officials of Social Welfare should be at the fore front so that they will work in partnership with CSOs for an effective sensitization at the rural level.

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