Lion Is Not The King of The Jungle, See who The King of The Jungle Is

It is never true that the lion is the kind of the jungle.

I simply cannot understand why people refer to the lion as the king of the jungle.

Foremost, Lions do not even live in the jungle.

Instead, they dwell in the savanna and in deserts.

So you cannot refer to an animal that does not dwell in the jungle as the king of the jungle. It’s incorrect.

For your information, the real king of the jungle is the Tiger.

Below are the reasons;

A. When talking in terms of size, the tiger is popularly known as the largest in the cat family.

It has an average size of between 270 – 310 cm and weighs between 180 to 300.

Also the average lenght of a full grown lion falls between 240-290 cm and weighs within the range of 160-190.

B. Do you know that the Tiger is a lone animal? This is true.

It hunts alone, and lives alone.

Unlike Lions. Lions are social cats, they always move in groups and hunt in groups.

The truth of the matter is that , the loneliess of the Tiger has made it more agile, more ferocious and more intelligent and stronger than the lion.

Scientist has further discovered that the tiger is endowed with a larger brain size than the Lion.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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