“lift ban on Churches or face God’s wrath”- “Kyiri abosom” warns Ghana President



Any delay on the part of the sitting President of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo to lift the imposed ban on churches will spell doom for the country, Prophet Christian Kwabena Andrews- Founder and General overseer for Life Assembly Worship Centre has warned.

“Sofo Kyiri abosom” as he is popularly referred to premised on his strong detest for idol worship has hinted that the Almighty God has given the sitting President two weeks grace period to lift all restrictions on Christian denomiations.

“God has given him from today (5th May 2020) up to the close of the two Sundays ahead of us…Mark my words. If he fails to lift the ban and allow churches to operate as usual, something bad will happen in Ghana”, he said on Fire Tv.


He detailed that the intended wrath of God will not fall on children or adults.

“God will strike the President and leaders of this country should they fail to exercise compliance to this divine message”.

On his usual television program hosted by himself, he dared the President on his show which was telivised around 8:30 pm 5th May 2020 to harden his heart and see for himself what God will do to him and leaders of Ghana.

“Please send out this signal to Nana Addo and leaders of this country that if they believe in doctors and scientists more than God, then they should get ready for the demonstration of God’s wrath”.

Rev Christian Kwabena Andrews who doubles as the founder and leader for a newly formed political party Ghana Union Movement (GUM) was shuddered over why the President and his political associates have put their confidence so much in scientific interventions and what he described as people with book knowledge more than men of God as though God is out of business to salvage the country from the pandemic.

For “osofo Kyiri abosom”, state authorities have magnified the terrible nature of coronavirus more than the power of God, hence their decision to place a ban on church gatherings and religious activities.

This he stated is clearly noticed in authorities’ refusal to refer persons infected with the disease to men of God for healing.

He therefore challenged that he is ready to heal any covid-19 patient who will be referred to his church within just a week through the demonstration of God’s power and prove to the whole nation that God is still in business.

By Enock Akonnor

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  1. I strongly believe so …so is the president telling us mokola,kantamanto,kejetia are not more than social gathering …. we are waiting .

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