LGBT In Ghana: You’ve Done Well But Pass A Law To Back Your Claim- Nana Addo Told

Following President Akuffo Addo’s declaration on the LGBT act in Ghana, many activists in the country have commended him for his stance whilst many others who support the course have described his statement as an unfair one.

One organisation that has come out, heaping praises on the president for voting against the LGBTQI act is the Muslim Executive Foundation (MEF) in the Ashanti region. According to the organization, the president has done very well for verbally voting against the act’s legalization in the country.

Despite commending the president, Sheikh Bawa Aransa Orlando, coordinator for the foundation speaking on the association’s behalf said there’s the need for an immediate law to back the President’s claim. According to him, verbally declaring the the stand doesn’t give it a solid backing.

To him, backing it with laws will protect both the activists who are against the act and those who are for the act.
Explaining further, the coordinator said our culture totally frowns against lesbianism, gayism transgender, bisexual etc and that, in our effort to curb it totally out of the system, there’s the need for us to immediately make laws in parliament that could help criminalize the act. He said if that is done it will help put fear in those people who want to go contrary to our rich culture, and go for same sex marriage or transgender.
“Ghana is a circular country that always need laws to back important issues such as these ones. It’s high time we made laws to criminalize the act so that anyone found in it will immediately be punished”. He said.
Explaining the protection side for the LGBTQI activists, Sheikh Orlando said mob attacks that are usually attempted on such practitioners will be seized so that they will have a living chance to repent from their evil acts.

The coordinator and Islamic scholar finally refuted claims that disallowing LGBTQ people to operate in Ghana is an abuse on their human right. According to him, standing for the right, fighting against an evil act that spews God’s anger is never a human right abuse.
“How can you consider this evil act is a right, and classify God’s word that preach against it as a right abuse.
What is wrong is wrong, and what is right is right. Laws must be immediately made against it before it gets too late for God’s anger to ruin this land”. He said.


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