LGBT agenda; TV3 & Berla Mundi must be stopped




Charles McCarthy writes…………………………

Berla Mundi is using TV3 to Promote LGBTQ Acceptance

When my attention was called to a trailer recorded by Berla Mundi and posted on Facebook, I said it was a joke, because for me, Berla was aware of her platform’s potential and wouldn’t want to use it as a vehicle for promoting illegality.


TV3 and Berla Mundi have cultivated immense following on their network and have spread content using various new media platforms.

As a content creator, she hopes her viewers will watch her interview, and then decide to follow their own passions.

For Berla Mundi to assemble three persons from the LGBTQ clan for an interview to share with the Ghanaian people how they are surviving in the country where LGBTQ is forbidden, is the height of her affinity for that community.

It is nothing better than an affront to the laws and disregard to her followers.

As someone who has created content for a variety of platforms, Berla is aware of how media can help drive tolerance and acceptance.

As to why Media General, managers of TV3 decided to infringe such degree of indignity on its viewers by approving that content, only God can tell. They must rethink their decision to craftily promote that which is unlawful.

Switching cameras and lights on a homosexual or lesbian to know how he or she feels is ‘Akyiwade’. It is no-no ‘Mmusu’.

That is what it is. Because a Presenter cannot put together armed robbers on his/her show in pretense of giving them a voice. Which voice? A leopard is chasing us, and you are asking me, ‘Is it a male or a female?’

I do not have the luxury of time to be caressing the egos of a woman who have decided to stain her golden image. For that, let those closer to Berla check her head if the brain in her skull is not shaking?

What is making it difficult for Berla Mundi to divorce promoting LGBTQ and its acceptance?

Tell her I said ashes fly back into the face of them who throws them.

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