“Let’s Unite Behind NPP For Victory Come 2024”- Hon Musah Superior

Hard-core politician Hon Iddrisu Musah a.k.a “Musah Superior” has charged NPP delegates and followers to unite solidly behind the party for massive victory come 2024 general elections.

The former Mayor for Tamale now the Deputy CEO for Ghana Forestry Commission said if the party is well built and made strong within and without the rank-and-file, the party will win hands down.

Hon Superior admonished at a press briefing in Kumasi on Monday that party delegates should cast their votes for individuals who are strong, assertive, courageous and can bring the party together to fight for the ultimate goal.

The foregoing if adhered to, the party according to him can effectively adopt a pull and push strategy during the electioneering period to elect the right presidential candidate to become the President after His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo.

He asserted that the above-raised suggestion will win 180 seats for NPP in Parliament.

Hon Superior made a strong indication that the party at the moment needs a new innovative strategy for 2024 elections “and this new innovative strategy require people like us.

Somebody who can articulate the vision of the party proper, somebody who can articulate the vision of the presidential candidate proper and somebody who can galvanize the energies of the NPP people to win the elections”.

“There is no way we should not win this election. I mean the kind of things we have done in the last five years and going forward, in the next three years Akuffo-Addo is going to deliver more and then we just hand over the power to the NDC? We can’t do that”.

Outspoken Musah Superior who is contesting for the General Secretary position of NPP pledged that if voted for, he will strengthen the international branches and wings of the party.

As a General Secretary hopeful, he promised to make sure the wings of the party work fully.

“I will work with them very closely and make sure they operate fully because they are the mobilizing force”.

Source; www.leakynews.net

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