Let’s pray for Ghana, I’ve seen war 3 times in a vision. It will start in these areas- Prophet Jerremy

A Kumasi-based Seer has shared with a night vision concerning Ghana which he had weeks ago.

The content as disclosed by Prophet Jerremy Mannsseh will materialise by way of an ambush if the leadership takes things lightly and fail to expedite actions to clamp down unpleasant political protests characterising the aftermath of the 7th December general elections.

He said the vision came to him three time the night. Narrating what he saw, he said;

” I saw military aircrafts firing missiles from the air towards some targeted areas on the land of Ghana. I saw that a strong heat of violence had errupted in some rural communities and was fast advancing towards the urban areas of our country.

This vision came to me three times in the same night and hour and it is gathering a great momentum to manifest if nothing is done to stop it.

I want to use this medium to advise the security that their focus should not be centered only on the urban communities but the rural as well because those areas will be the starting point of violence which will eventually excalate into war.”

Prophet Jerremy premised on the above called on Ghanaians to lift prayers before God on behalf of the country so that the peace in Ghana will be sustained.


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