Let’s Pray For Dr. Kwaku Oteng, He Has Been Attacked

Chief Executive Officer for Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) Dr. Kwaku Oteng has been attacked by members of a group called “Movement of Bawumia For President 2024”.

The National President for the group Duncan Opoku Boateng lashed the CEO on Monday for failing to call to order Broadcast journalist Captain Smart who is always bent on attacking bigwigs of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on his TV program dubbed “Anopa Bofuo” on Angel TV.

The broadcast journalist according to Mr. Duncan characteristically attacks NPP gurus in the likes of President Akuffo Addo, Vice President Bawumia, Professor Frimpong Boateng among others insofar spewing insults against them on his TV program.

He indicated that CEO Dr Kwaku Oteng despite the journalistic inactions of his employee (Captain Smart) has never on any single occasion instructed his worker (Captain Smart) to refrain from that diabolic act.

He said he was expecting that as a CEO, a follower of NPP and a great beneficiary of juicy contracts from the NPP party, Dr. Kwaku Oteng will tell Captain Smart to put a stop to that “nonsense” for the sake of the party.

He cited that there is now way “Chairman Wontumi”, the Ashanti regional Chairman for NPP who owns Wontumi TV or Kennedy Agyapong will allow any of his staff to run down party gurus in the mud on their TV or radio stations.

“What they do is to use their stations to protect and promote the party”.

“Dr. Kwaku Orteng, you pay Captain Smart so why should you watch him destroy the image of NPP?

Though you have helped NPP, please don’t forget that NPP too has helped you mightily.

You have benefitted from many juicy contracts under NPP .

Maybe you want NPP to go to opposition or we will assume that you are a businessman who do not take sides in matters related to politics and therefore don’t care if NPP wins or loses.

We will also assume that you are not privy to what Captain Smart has been doing on your own TV station.”

Mr. Duncan Opoku Boateng addressing the media in Kumasi said that though he is not calling for the dismissal of the broadcast journalist, he will however be happy if he receives info that Captain Smart has been sacked.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief www.leakynews.net

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