let the students go home now!!!



The whole universe will not come to an end if students do not write their final examamination or if those in form 1 and form 2 are not promoted.

The students should be allowed to go back home until a permanent solution is found for the Corona virus pandemic.

The government must think of the health and life of teachers, students and their families and cancel this academic year and restart it in September.

There are few beneficial reasons to restarting the academic year.

According to what scientists are saying, it is likely that the vaccine for the virus would be ready in September.


Even if the vaccine is not found by then, the negative consequences of hasty reopening of schools would have lessened. The students will have understood the situation better.

Restating the academic year will also afford students the chance to relearn what they have been taught. This will also allow teachers to be able to complete their syllabus.

If we continue like this, teachers will be in a rush to complete the syllabus before exams and end teaching plenty and the students understanding nothing.

We all witnessed how parents besieged the campus when the school recorded 6 cases. If proper measures were put in place and not rushed, I don’t think any of these would have happened. Even right now with schools recording cases of the virus, the students and teachers would not be in the right frame of mind to study or teach. The whole schooling environment is in chaos. Both teachers and students do not feel safe at all.

If Ministers are even catching the virus, how much more an JHS 3 students with just a nose mask. In brief the government should let the students go home, wait for while, do better engagement with the various stakeholders and then restart the academic year in September.

Source; opera news

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