Legalising LGBT Will Spell Doom for Ghana- Clergy



By Enock Akonnor
Legalisation of LGBT will spell much doom for Ghana just like the ancient Sodom and Gomorrah; Rev J.K Appiah- Founder and Leader of Faith Outreach Ministries has noted.
According to the Kumasi-based clergy, the nation will fall victim to an untold economic hardship and calamitous incidents consequent to the legitimization of the act, admonishing that President Akuffo-Addo should shun all forms of influences from international communities and remain firm in his stands against it.
Rev J.K Appiah told this paper that, the President must also avoid circumlocutory gestures and hit the nail right on the head by making a straight statement that he and for that matter the citizens of Ghana are not ready to subscribe to the practice of LGBT.
Though the laws of Ghana are repulsive to LGBT, the Reverend Minister said he is shuddered over how Nana Addo has for long remained unclear in his stands.
“You must be bold and openly declare your disapproval of LGBT in your engagements with the whites”, he told the President.
He assured that God will sustain the supply of the needs of the country should the international communities decide to deny Ghana donor support owing to our rejection of LGBT.
“Ghana is not a poor country and I believe that  a proper utilization of the available natural resources will make this country independent of foreign support.”

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