Ladies Don’t Want These Rubbers Anymore. Here are the Reasons

As a matter of reality, it has come to our attention that majority of ladies have walked away from the use of these latex rubbers during intimacy.

Below are some of the reasons why they avoided it;

1. They have developed a certain fear of being infected with diseases that are most likely caused by the latex used in the manufacturing of the rubbers.

Though the rubbers are best known to protect users against infections but ironically it has turned out to be the major cause of infections.

1. The unpleasant smell of the condom tend to make more women hate using it.

3. According to research conducted by medics, the rubbers have been proved to make women private organ more dry instead of the other way around.

Too much dryness may end up triggering cracks or tear which does not sound well.

4. Last but not the least, it limits the intimacy level of feelings.

Because of the above reasons, a higher percentage of women have ignored the usage of condoms during sex.

Source; Opera News

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