LADIES BEWARE!! Men With Blood Type A, B or AB Are Sexually Weak- Research



For a fact millions of men in the UK suffer problems in the bedroom due to ageing, obesity and illnesses like diabetes.

But now scientists have discovered there could be another surprising reason why many struggle to perform during sex– their blood type.

A new research shows that men with blood types A, B or AB are up to four times more likely to suffer impotence – or erectile dysfunction – than men who have blood type O.

The findings are potentially significant as it is estimated more than half of all men carry A, B or AB blood.

Scientists have discovered a link between sexual performance and blood type Research suggests that those of A, B or AB blood type are four times more likely to suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction
Roughly 44 per cent have type O.


Scientists who made the discovery say it supports earlier research showing blood type also influences the risk of developing heart disease.

One in ten men suffers from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

Some studies indicate that more than a third of those over 40 are affected.

Although drugs like Viagra have revolutionised treatment, around 30 per cent of men who take them see no improvement.

Until now, doctors thought lifestyle-related factors such as smoking, being overweight and having high blood pressure were the key triggers.

But the latest study, by a team at Ordu University in Turkey, suggests many may be at risk of erection problems simply because of the blood type they were born with.

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