Kwadaso MCE’s Chances Shrink, “Don’t Take Money To Endorse Him”- NPP Executives Told

A pressure group called “Movement for Probity and Accountability” has charged assembly members and NPP executives for Kwadaso Constituency to decline any form of monetary influence aimed at inducing them to approve caretaker MCE Hon Richmond Agyenim Boateng for reappointment.

The leadership of the group retraited that should they (party excutives) allow their conscience to be bought to support the MCE for a second term, that conscience can never be regained until the tenure of the MCE elapses.

“If the current executives and assembly members take any amount of money to support the current MCE, then it means they cannot criticize him if he performs abysmally until his second administration comes to an end”, it stated.

President of the group Kennedy Osei made a wild allegation that ” because some assembly members took GH 2,000 each and approved the first appointment of the same MCE, they are not able to hold him accountable because he paid them.”

He noted that party Executives and assembly members should instead think about the welfare of residents of the municipality and throw their support behind aa competen character who has what it takes to salvage the constituency from the litany of challenges.

“This is no other person than the visionary and competent Silas Konadu Boateng.”

He gave reasons that the current MCE has performed poorly and should therefore be changed with immediate effect.

“In the 2020 budget for the municipality, under social services delivery, Two million five hundred sixty-six thousand, six hundred and sixty-eight Ghana cedis (GHC 2,566,668.00) was budgeted for Education youth and Sports and Library services. The question we are asking is, what youth and sports or library achievements can we see within the municipality? Nothing.

This amount was increased to GHC 3,512,010.00 in 2021 but nothing can be shown for all these monies.”, he alledged.

He therefore called on the executives to think twice and kick against the reappointment of the MCE for the good of the Municipality.


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