Kwadaso MCE Under Pressure, Group Vows To Resist Renomination

Members of a group called Crusaders of Kwadaso Development have vowed to reject any attempt that will seek to renominate the incumbent MCE for Kwadaso Municipality Hon Agyenim Boateng.

The group has vehemently and voiceferously hinted their wrath will be incured if assembly members confirm him (MCE) for the position.

The leadership the group has informed www.leakynews.net that “plans are underway to organize a demonstration against the renomination of Hon Agyenim Boateng.”

The premise of the foregoing as explained in an interview by the spokesperson for the group Mac Nicholas are that, the Municipal Chief Executive Officer since he assumed office has performed abysmally and therefore does not deserve a second term

” As an indigene and someone who was rejected many times by the assembly members when he was initially nominated in 2017, many held the believe he would raise the bar to erase any suspicion which detractors might have had about him but that has not been realized. His performance is quite the opposite.”

He fingered that, the MCE has not been up to the task in the area of social accountability as in detailing constituents on quarterly basis on the total amount of IGF generated by the assembly, amount of Common Fund and other statutory payments and how they were utilized.

“Apart from the Central Government funded projects within the municipality, you can’t get any decent or life changing project that you can say was funded with the assembly’s IGF or with their share of the common fund. Youth unemployment within the Municipality has been on ascendency since he became the MCE. The youth have therefore turned to abusing drugs. Someone who doesn’t think about the welfare of his people can’t be our leader”

Still in his statement, he questioned the DCE on why funds on COVID-19 has until now not been accounted for. “Apart from the central government, the municipality couldn’t implement even a single intervention taking into consideration the collosal amount of money sent to the municipality by the central government.

“The second tranche payment was an amount of GHs 166,280.62”, he alleged.

“The question we are asking all is that, why should a person who doesn’t believe in probity and accountability continue to be a leader over his people?”

According to the group, Hon Agyenim Boateng is not a true party and grassroots man.

“When their former MP, Dr S.K Nuamah moved the party office from a container to a befitting party office, and wrote a letter to he Hon Agyenim Boateng to give him portion of the government land for him to build a permanent party office, he Hon Agyenim Boateng didn’t respond to the letter and all efforts prove futile, very soon the rent payment for the office will due and only God knows what will happen.
How can a man who doesn’t care about the development of the party that gave him the power he is using continue to lead his people?

The decentralization concept was brought to bring development to the doorstep of the people and allow managers within the locality to develop tailored jobs to meet the teeming unemployed youth. This is not the case for Kwadaso municipality. Hon Agyenim Boateng has failed woefully.”

The group has therefore called on authorities specially President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo not to re-nominate him as there are well capable hands who can steer the affairs of the municipality correctly.


Giving his defence, the Municipal Chief Executive Officer rubbished the allegations as false, decribing them as an attempt to tarnish his hardwork and reputation.

He sited a number of projects that have been put up within the municipality through the utilization of the COVID-19 fund, IGF and the Common fund.They are; mechanised boreholes constructed with COVID-19 fund at Tanso and Kwadaso markets plus other 2 mechanised boreholes constructed with the IGF, 7-unit class room block for the Methodist Technical Institute which is also under construction with the Common Fund etc.

From: www.leakynews.net

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