“kumerican”; Ghana is heading towards danger. I see blood all over



Prophet Kofi Nkwantabisa-founder and leader of Nkwantabisa Prayer Grounds at Keyaasi Bosore has called on Pastors and opinion leaders in Ghana to voice out against the newly introduced slogan “Kumerican” in Ashanti region.

He hinted of a vision he received from God months ago, explaining that the slogan if not kicked against will trigger a lethalic effect on the nation.

The kumasi-based seer explained that Kumasi is heading towards danger and the effect will spread all over the country.

Prophet Nkwantabisa hit the nail on the head that blood will flow in Ashanti region and beyond.

“Youth will engage in open sex on the streets, respect for the elderly will dwindle, armed robbery will increase and people will pull out guns and pistols without fear.


Indecent dress code,, gayism and lesbianism will be on the rise.

A spiritual force is behind the introduction of this name. I see blood everywhere

I see Asanteman turning into Sodom and Gomorrah. I see God’s anger on Ashanteman”, the Prophet disclosed amidst tears.

“I am not saying this for fame or popularity. Ghanaians, let us take this very serious and stop it before it is too late.

Very soon they ( Kumericans) will form a team and appoint a leader who is into occultism.”, he added


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