1995 ‘Kume Preko’ demonstration and others were useless- Osofo Kyiriabosom



Rev Christian Kwabena Andrews, a.k.a ‘osofo Kyiri abosom’ last night gave his impression on all past politically motivated demonstrations which were staged in Ghana.

On his usual ‘Church Bell’ television program hosted on Fire TV as observed by www.leakynews.net, founder for the Life Assembly Worship Centre labelled as useless and needless anti-government protests such as ‘Yabr3 demo’ to wit “we are tired” which witnessed a massive participation of NPP executives and members as they displayed their frustrations against the then harsh economic conditions and eratic power supply under the NDC regime.

Other demonstrations such as the 1995 ‘Kume Pr3ko’, ‘All die be die’ plus others which were staged by civil servants according to his opinion were of no merit to the economic growth of the country.

Making deductions from conflicts and wars that errupted out of protests and sparked much havoc within some Africa countries such as Liberia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast etcetera, Rev Kyiriabosom advised Ghanaian youth not to allow any political party to drive them to partake or stage any demonstration in the country.

“What meaningful benefit did ‘All die be die’ demo earn for the country? The country absolutely gained nothing.


Last time’s dumsor demonstration covered all the streets in Kumasi with people but at the end of the day nothing was gained.

Customers of ‘NAM 1’ also protested for the release of their locked deposits but till now their monies have not been given including that of customers of other collapsed financial institutions”

Rev Kyiriabosom who doubles as the Founder and leader for Ghana Union Movement (GUM)
discouraged the holding of demonstrations, saying ” we should instead advise people to be vigilant and vote wisely so as to save the country”.

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