Aspiring Chairman Objects Dissolution Of Kejetia Management

By Enock Akonnor

Demand for the dissolution of the entire management of Kejetia market consequent the facility’s indeptedness to Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is facing a tough objection.

The facility which comprises over 7,000 lockable shops owes ECG 54 billion old Ghana cedis on electricity bill and has been disconnected from the national GRID as a result since last week.

Mr. Johnson Ankrah, aspiring Chairman for Kumasi City Market Traders Union in an interview with the New Crusading Guide kicked against calls for the abrogation of the role of the current management, saying “if the managers are to be sacked, then the leaders respresenting Kejetia traders on the management board should as well be kicked out of office”.

In defense of the foregoing, he mentioned that the executives of the Combined Kejetia Traders Association who claim to be the current reprentatives of the traders on the Kejetia management board have failed to probe managers of the facility on why they were not paying the bills, leading to the accumulated debt of 54 billion old Ghana cedis.

“We have been paying monies monthly to management of the Kejetia market for the settlement of electricity bills so we expected the so called leaders to question the management on the cause of such a huge debt”.

“We suspect that they are in bed with the manager of this facility”,
Emmanuel Kwarteng, Acting PRO for Kumasi City Market Traders Union added.

Mr. Kwarteng also castigated further by saying that the leadership of the traders have until now proved weak in pushing mangers to come clear on the number of months and years the debt convers as a show of transparency in their operations.

“All we have been told is that we are indebted to ECG at a quantum of 54 billion old Ghana cedis. How many months or years does the bill cover?

This is the question we want managers of the facility to answer”

He enlightened that there are many other avenues the management generate funds from aside the lockable shops such as the car parks, a clinic within the facility, a basic school, mtn momo merchants, Banks among other …”So can’t they settle on monies earned from these areas as an alternative to pay the debt?”

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