Kumasi at the verge of famine;food prices shoot up,gari “olonka” sold at GHs 20.00



Prices of consumable commodities have shot up abnormally within the central business district of the Kumasi Metropolis consequent to the announcement made by the President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo vis-à-vis the imposition of a lock down order, effective from Monday 30th March 2020.

As residents of affected areas within Ashanti region embarked on a panic purchase of food items to feed themselves and their families in the course of the upcoming two weeks domestic detention (lockdown), majority of traders have also inflated prices of foodstuff sold on the market to amass wealth for themselves especially those at Central market.

Before the lockdown declaration on the night of 27th March 2020, Gari “olonka” (big size) was sold at GHs12.00 in Ashanti region.

Shockingly, the price of the same commodity interestingly shot up today 28th March 2020 to GHs 20.00(big size) and GHs 15 (small size)at the same popular down town (Central market) of Ashanti region.

Five pieces of tomato is currently sold at GH10, four onions GH 5, one tubber of yam GH30.0, four pieces of garden eggs GH 10.00.


Shockingly, price of corn dough has shot up to GH15 per a medium sized plastic container whiles a mini bag of Uncle Sam rice which was sold at GHs 50 is now given out at a price of GH 60.

One buyer called Ernestina Osei who bought one tuber of yam at the cost of GHs 30 lamented over how she spend all her money on just some few food items.

“I came with GH500 but sadly it was able to cover just some few items”, she disclosed to in an interview.

Traders who spoke to this medium also defended that the hiked prices have come into effect due to the coronavirus pandemic which is fast crippling the economy.

By Enock Akonnor


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2 Replies to “Kumasi at the verge of famine;food prices shoot up,gari “olonka” sold at GHs 20.00

  1. Stop writing lies please
    What you have written is lies
    No Gari is 20cedis and neither is 1 yam 30cedis
    27th the who of the market in Kumasi was closed for disinfecting, where did you get your prices

    What kind of sick attitude is this with Ghanaians

  2. Madam I am one of the person who bought garden egg 3 for five Ghana and one yam fo 20 Ghana so please tell the truth please and stop the lice you say

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