KMA resources Environmental and Sanitation staff with 7 motorbikes



The Environmental and Sanitation Unit of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has been resourced with 7 brand new Haojin motorbikes.

They were provided by authorities of the assembly as a top up to other four which were supplied previously by officials. The objective is to equip staff of the unit to comb every part of the metropolis and effectively monitor and enforce compliance to covid-protocols and laws on sanitation within the metropolis.

Mr. Isaac Bassanyin, Director for the Unit told that “logistics is a major tool that helps in doing something and with the motorbikes, we can move easily from one place to another; lorry station to lorry station, church to church, market to market to enforce the laws.”

Anyone caught going contrary such as violating covid-19 protocols, noise pollution, selling food to the public without medical certificate, dumping of refuse at unapproved locations, selling uncovered food, houses without paint and toilet etc will be arrested and prosecuted. “This will compel people to abide by all regulations of the laws.”, he indicated.




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