KMA: reconstruction of Asafo market 95% completed…Alhaji and Madina Company Ltd speeds up project



The first phase of the reconstruction of Asafo Market by Alhaji and Madina Company Limited is nearing completion, has observed.

Findings from inquisition conducted by this medium through interactions with Project managers clearly point out that the project has reached a 95% level of completion; product of a speedy job delivery by the construction firm within the space of four months since it kick-started on  6th March 2020.

Per the current composition of the marketplace, 216 lockable stores (storey), 192 sheds and 405 selling places have been built and will be allocated to 300 traders whose shops were razed down by fire in the area somewhere last year.


Project Manager Mr. Morris Jagana explained that the novel plan of the facility is such that, stores and sheds making up the area have all been categorized and sectioned based on the kind of trade so as to ensure uniformity and easy identification.

“In other not to mix up traders, we have partitioned them in such a way that cassava and plantain sellers will have their section of operation. The same applies those trading in other commodities”, he explained to when the editorial head of this medium paid a foray visit to the site.

Mr. Jagana made a further disclosure that in addition to the newly built shops, an extra of 70 have been constructed, briefing  that traders on the other side of the market who will be affected by the construction of the 2nd phase of the project will be relocated into them.

He assured that traders whose shops were affected by the fire will be the first to be considered for the allocation of the sheds and a stores and that no trader will be allowed to sell in a container or on a table.

Premised on the foregoing, he strongly advised them to get a shop so as to save them from any unfortunate situation.

By Enock Akonnor, Editor-in-Chief






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