KMA Boss Goes Mad!!! Vows To Close Down Shops In Kumasi

Kumasi City Mayor Hon Sam Pyne turned wild against traders and commercial drivers in Kumasi who failed to partake in Saturday (18th December 2021) morning’s clean-up exercise.

Despite the weeklong announcement made on the airwaves ahead of the event, scores of businessmen and women within the CBD notably at areas including Adehyeman, Adehye3 market, Acheamfour market were busily plying their trade at the time (6:00am to 11:00am) scheduled for the exercise.

Even in the presence of the city Mayor, scores of the traders relegated to the dustbin the clean-up notice.

In the heat of the exercise, Hon Sam Pyne after sighting shops that were still open for business as the exercise was ongoing vowed to close down such shops and bus terminals in the next clean-up exercise should owners repeat such inaction.

Owner of a shop numbered ALDO-GF-15 nearly had her shop closed when Hon Sam Pyne realised that she had open her shop for business.

He strongly warned that he will make sure that the law deals which such owners if they prove adamant in the next major clean-up event.

However a number of such traders when interrogated by the mayor replied that they were not privy to the notice.


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