Ken’s Political Fate: NPP Aspirant Sends Strong Caution To Maurice Ampaw



Ohemeng Ian Moore
(Former Assembly Member for Abrepo-Mpatasie Electoral Area
Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer Aspirant-npp) Writes:

 If I had a dollar for every time I think about when and how lawyer Maurice Ampaw rose from obscurity to fame in the political arena, I would probably buy the world over!

I think the learned man should know when and how to put his thoughts together before unleashing them.

Few months ago, the learned man jumped down the neck of Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong for putting Chairman Wontumi in his place when Chairman’s actions at the recent elections didn’t sit well with Ken and the many party people.

For the learned man to sit on Wontumi TV and claim that whoever doesn’t serve cannot become the flagbearer of the NPP, and that, Dr. Bawumia is the only one who has served and for that matter, deserves to be the flagbearer with Kennedy Agyapong as his running mate is totally absurd!


For starters , Hon. Kennedy Agyapong does not want to be a running mate! The honorable member has a burning desire of becoming the next flagbearer. Again, he has never said anywhere that he’s running for the office to innure to any candidate’s benefit!

Second, if his definition of servanthood is only when one becomes a running mate/veep, the learned man should revise his notes.
If we were to go along the path of servant-leader ideology, Kennedy Agyapong stands tall with his years of experience in the parliament house.

Again, if we were to accept his line of argument, then, one would also argue that Nana Addo had not served and for that matter, didn’t deserve to be our flagbearer in 2008 as he hadn’t served pre his flagbearer ship.

And, if we were to accept his line of argument, then, his candidate didn’t deserve to become the running mate for the npp in 2008.

Going forward, lawyer Maurice Ampaw should get serious with his utterances.
That said, he could ask his favorite candidate to go into hibernation and come back later in ‘life’.

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