NDC’s Kelvin Taylor Sends Strong Message To Assemblies Of God Church

The COVI-19 pandemic has hit the entire world with a dirty blow.

A high number of countries are struggling to get vaccines for their country men and women.

In Ghana, the case has not been different at all.

Ghana realised a surge during the middle part of last year 2020.

The active cases declined to about 300 till a second wave begun. Currently, the active cases stand at over 2,100.

Just yesterday, popped up that some Assemblies of God church was praying for kids so God keeps them from the virus.

A Ghanaian broadcast journalist based in America Kevin Taylor has condemned the act.

He said in his reaction that;

“Assemblies of God is now praying to God that kids do not get Covid-19.

I was expecting them to rather seek answers as to why the spread is increasing. Everything we blame God. We blame God for everything. The leaders of the country have failed us. The Church of Christ will not do this. This is not about God intervening.

Ghana is not the only place Covid hit. Covi-19 hit the entire world. It hit Italy and killed a lot of people. They died like chicken. Isn’t Italy where they brought the Bible from? God does not have time for this. He has given us brains to you. We are there saying Ghana has prekese and so are blessed bla la bla. This is sickening” Kevin Taylor said in his reaction.

He maintained by saying that the citizens must do their part but the leaders need to do more.

He therefore charged the Assemblies of God church to be more proactive.

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