Kejetia Traders Throw ‘Stones’ At leaders For Speaking English, Chant “Y3nte Brofo, Y3p3 Twi”



Kejetia traders staged a serious protest against their leaders this morning when the latter attempted to address the media in English language.

Executives of Kejetia Traders Association, Eleven Member Steering Committee of Central Market and Concern Central Market Traders Association held a press conference today (Wednesday) to register their displeasure against against Management of the ultramodern Kejetia market over electricity tarriffs, levies on services renderd among others which according to them are very high.

Unfortunately, the beauty of the conference was badly soiled by a 30 minutes demonstration as the traders who were present chanted and threw verbal stones against Mr. Andy Kwofi (Secretary for Kejetia Petty Traders) when he started by saying “Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press”.

Giving no room for a breathing space, the market women upon hearing the above statement “good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press” abruptly moved out of their seats, advanced towards executives who were seated at the high table as though to pounce on them and started chanting “y3nte brofo! Y3p3 Twi!!


It took the timely intervention of a police personnel and other executives to calm their tempers down.

But for the foregoing, the event would have ended prematurely.

The leadership realising how peeved the traders were changed their minds and opted to address them in the local language (Twi) instead.


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