Kasoa Killing: “Our Educational Sector Will Soon Become Worthless”- GNACOPS

Executive Director for Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) Enoch Gyetuah has predicted what will befall the educational system of Ghana should authorities fail to wake up from their slumber.

In an official statement issued today and copied to the office of, he stated that the nation’s educational sector would soon become worthless if government fails to swiftly stop fake contents on the various television contents.

His call came as a reaction to the brutal killing of a 10-year old boy by two 16-year old male teens at Kasoa few weeks ago purposely for money making rituals.

Developments after the deceased was murdered proved that the two suspects were allegedly influenced by a female cultist who they consulted after sighting her advert on one of the local television channels.

Enoch Gyetuah explained that students and for that matter youth have glued their attention to television contents that focus on money doubling, betting, lottery, gambling, occult activities, etc.

He noted that, the reciprocal effect on their lives and the country is what happened at Kasoa; murdering of a 10-year old boy.

Premised on the foregoing, he advised that government should be proactive by sanitising the television channels as he did to the banking sector so as to save the future of Ghana’s education.


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