Kasoa Killing: ” I Blame Bank Of Ghana And NCA”- GNACOPS

National Communications Director for Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) Samuel Nyamekye has accused officials of Bank of Ghana (BOG) as the cause of the brutal killing of the 10-year old boy at Kasoa.

The inability on the part of the latter to ensure strict compliance to the currency Act 1964 section 27A according to him has given room for the proliferation of fraudulent promotion of double money businesses on the various television channels.

Those involved in the illegality have succeeded in influencing the youth through fake advertisements to apply every vicious means to make money, hence the killing of the 10-year old boy by two 16- year old males for money rituals.

He also fingered officials of the National Media Commission for failing to sanitize the various television networks championing the promotion of such illegal activities.

“I blame two major institutions for the uncertainty that happened in Kasoa. I blame Bank of Ghana for their inability to ensure that what is stated in the currency Act 1974 section 27A is fully adhered to and as such anyone that violates it is fully apprehended.

The National Communication Authority has fully failed us and contribute to all the mayhem that happened at Kasoa.

We fell that if such institutions do not function well, it will adversely affect other sectors like our Educational Sector.”,he told in an exclusive interview.


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