Just In: John Kumah Salvaged By NPP Communicator After Political Banter With DCE



The motive of the president nominating DCEs is not aimed at antagonizing and demonizing our MPs nor to subject our MPs to public ridicule and deride to make them unpopular just to pave way for your brother who is ambitious to unseat Dr John Kumah but rather work together with the MP who is Ex – officio member of the assembly for development purpose.

NPP, our MPs are valuable to us they are as precious as Gold and base on that any personal interest tinged with nepotism, cronyism, favouritism , hatred, envy and resentfulness can never be condoned.

With this your diabolic plans against the Deputy Finance Minister who is doing very well which has received international accolade, Dr John Kumah’s fanatics will never sit unconcern for you to use him to champion the interest of your brother who is aspiring to unseat him – it will never wash.

The investigations I have conducted at Ejisu has uncovered that your brother is the ECG BOSS of Ashanti Region his name was giving as Budu, ones he is a standing member of NPP, it is his right to contest for even presidency but on good grounds with good motive but not as you are doing to vilify Dr John Kumah’s person and high office – you better stop it!!!


May be you do not know let me bring you to be in the known. The title “Dr” conferred on John KUMAH is not honorary type but it is academically acquired PHD the highest academic qualification that is attained in lecture hall. Such a title holder ought to be respected by whoever and whatever status or social class you find yourself.

Mr DCE, you ought to fight the NDC with all your strength to break the 8.
In this regard, catalogue all your diabolic plans and execute them during presidential election in favour of NPP to break the 8 in 2024 but never vent it on a MP in the person of Dr Ampuntuah John KUMAH who is helping you build Ejisu.

Check below👇, are you not touched by the ultra modern party office complex built for Ejisu constituency by Dr John KUMAH whom you are disturbing? You own him praise and commendation than paying him with
“kako soup” diabolism.

You are keenly monitored my research team is still hovering at Ejisu concentrate on the assignment assigned to you by our president or else we will champion for your removal from office.

By Boateng Duncan

NPP Communicator

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