Just In: Hassan Ayariga ‘Slaps’ Bawumia After Recovering From COVID-19 Attack

Dr. Hassan Ayariga Writes,

It is sad and amazing to hear our Vice President Dr. Bawumia say Ghana Card will be used in 197 countries by 2022.

Let me help him to understand the dynamics. Firstly, we have 195 countries in the world and not 197 countries.

Secondly, he should mention one country in the world that its citizens can enter Ghana or any other country with their ID Card.
ID cards are not travelling documents.

The world accepts only Passports as travelling Documents, my senior brother. You will need a passport to enter any country and definitely a passport to return and not your Ghana Card. Please digitalise our Cedi my opinion.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga
APC Leader.

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