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JULY 24, 2021

National assignment is given to those who are competent and has the will power to deliver as expected of them by the state principles nothing more or less than this.

The prime mandate of the special prosecutor is to work assiduously by implementing policies and mechanisms that can eradicate corruption in Ghana 100% + – 5 but not naming and shaming.


Adjabeng; the newly appointed Special prosecutor upon been asked of his readiness, preparedness and commitment to extirpate and make corruption a thing of the past in Ghana if he is confirmed as the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, openly, publicly and in front of the appointments committee of Parliament said that HE CAN NEVER ERADICATE CORRUPTION but he is going to implement naming and shaming criteria to make corruption costly to practice – steal state funds chop it, do all the nonsense and your only punishment is naming and shaming you – disaster.

Having expressed his inability to work as special prosecutor whose prime mandate as aforesaid is to eradicate corruption the appointments Committee has erroneously confirmed him – Jesus Christ.

The office of the special prosecutor which must be managed by somebody who can work to eradicate corruption, the appointments Committee of Parliament has confirmed Adjabeng for making his position clear that he is not capable of handling that office as the special prosecutor? – unbelievable.

The question is, what work is adjabeng going to do at such a sensitive office as the special prosecutor having said he cannot eradicate corruption?

Under normal circumstances we eradicate and uproot wrong and evil doings with every determination but we do not determine to work to minimise wrong and evil doings. Adjabeng should have admitted that he will do his very bestb to use such big office of the special prosecutor to eradicate corruption because it is only that commitment that would encourage him to work against corruption. Having said he cannot, never expect anything better from adjabeng because he will always use “I said I cannot eradicate corruption” as an excuse to justify his failure.

Why must the appointments committee of Parliament confirm adjabeng? Does the appointments committee never wants the end of corruption and that they are happy to get somebody who has said it before them that he cannot eradicate corruption that preempted their jet confirmation?

Giving the appointments committee benefit of the doubt, they should rescind and reverse their confirmation of Adjabeng as the special prosecutor within 24 hours ultimatum may be they did not realise the serious and weakness of ADJABENG’S pronouncement . If not…


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