Just In: Evangelist Akwasi Awuah Has Landed Into Big Trouble



A popular Kumasi based radio Evangelist Akwasi Awuah has come under a venomous attack.

Critics are saying that the man of God no more walks on the path of light and that the image of a lion used by him as a trademark for his church is a secret spiritual code which depicts that the Evangelist uses the evil powers of a satanic lion to run his church.

“The display of the image of lion right behind the pulpit of his church and on most of the Church’s vans is a secret code signifying the presence of a lion spirit and also a prove that Akwasi Awuah has diverted and now pays his allegiance to a lion god.”, Mr. Boateng Duncan a social activist opined in an exclusive interview with


He reiterated that “Rev Akwasi Awauah worships either a lion or a spirit symbolized by a lion but is ostensibly using the name of Church and God to deceive the public”.

He has challenged the Evangelist who is the founder and leader of Pillar of Zion Church on why he doesn’t display the image of the Holy Bible which is the word of God but instead chose that of a lion.

“No explanation is convincing than to remove the lion picture for that of Jesus Christ”, he indicated.


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