Just In: “Election Of NPP Deputy Regional Secretaries Is Unconstitutional”- Musàh Superior-Led People’s Campaign Team

In our bonafide interest as true party activists of the NPP and rightly so our inalienable resolve to safeguard the integrity of our constitution, it is imperative that the Musah Superior led Peoples’ Campaign bring to bear the following inconsistencies; The election of Deputy Regional Secretary is an appointed position by the Regional executive committee as spelt out in the NPP constitution and should not be contested in an election for that purpose.

In furtherance to this, a classical example of this constitutional sabotage is the last elective 2018 regional delegates Conferences which were held in all the administrative regions of the country frivolously itemizing the position of Deputy Regional Secretary on the ballot category and sanctioned to be keenly contested with electoral winners declared subsequently as part of the then reorganization effort.

This falls in total contravention of the NPP constitution as amended on the 17th day of December, 2017.
For emphasis, Article 9, clause 2 of the NPP Constitution states “With the exception of the Deputy Regional Secretary, the Deputy Regional Organizer, the Deputy Regional Women Organizer, the Deputy Regional Youth Organizer, the Regional Financial Secretary, the Regional Electoral / Research Officer, and the Regional Communications Officer, who shall be appointed, all Regional Officers shall be elected at a Regional Annual Delegates Conference, which shall be supervised by a person appointed by the National Executive Committee, from within its membership”.

Consequentially, how come that in the 2018 Regional elections, the position was opened for competitive contest? Significantly, there are viral evidence of campaign flyers making the rounds suggesting that people are seeking to contest the Deputy Regional Secretary position via an election contest.

We wish to state that the constitution is equivocal and unambiguously clear that the position of the Deputy Regional Secretary is an appointed office by the Regional Executive Committee and not a mandate to be contested in an election.

Thisconstitutional “vandalism” should not be tolerated in the upcoming Regional elections.
We call the attention of the leadership of the party, the various elections committees and the legal and constitutional committee of our party to ensure that the perpetuation of this illegality is abrogated.

Christopher Kouyo
Executive Assistant

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