Just In: Clergy Opposes Election Of A Muslim As President of Ghana… Says “Ghana Will Turn Worse”



The Country Director for Awesome Bible College Rev. Emmanuel Boachie has said that the present economic situation will turn worse if a Muslim is elected as President of Ghana.

He has hinted that
“the unbending quest by Dr. Bawumia to become flagbearer of NPP and ultimately the President of Ghana is a grand agenda by Arab countries, aimed at getting Ghana Islamized”.

The Kumasi-based clergy premised his assertion on rumours that Islamic nations are pushing forward from every angle to make Vice President Dr. Bawumia President of Ghana amidst other economic favours.

“They have failed in advance”, he said.

“We cannot sit down aloof as spiritual watchers, when Babylonians and Asyrians are laying religeo-political ambush around our mother land”.


Rev. Boachie has warned that Ghana will be short changed “if we sell our Bible for Quran or if we exchange Britain for Saudi Arabia. Christianity has birthed and nurtured Ghana till date and peace, progress and prosperity must continue. If Dr. Bawumia win the election, it will be a prophetic warning of a pending divine judgement against hypocritical Christians in Ghana. God will never allow a Muslim to lead Ghana”.

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