Journalist feeds over 150 mentally ill persons and others in Bolgatanga



A Bolgatanga based journalist with A1 radio in the Upper East Regional capital has extended what he described as COVID-19 edition of love sharing to Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Mental illness across the regional capital.

Ngamegbulam Stephen Chidozie, as he is popularly called, started his humanitarian initiative in the year 2018 as a result of his late dad’s advice to him to always show love to the vulnerable, before his departure from the mother earth.

Mr. Ngamegbulam first initiative was constructions of two stairways at the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs, to enable Persons with Disabilities in the region gain easy access to the conference hall and office of the President of the house of chiefs during gatherings or visits.

In 2020, as part of Mr. Ngamegbulam initiative to touch lives within the length and breadth of the Upper East Region, especially in the wake or era of the deadly COVID-19, he decided this time, to targets Persons with Disability and our brothers and sisters on the street with Mental illness by way of feeding over 150 of them with a well prepared delicious meal with soft drink inclusive.

“Is actually a fatherly advice I would be glad to maintain. I can still reflect how my dad cautioned me about this humanitarian gesture in one of my conversation with him before his demise, and I think is indeed worth emulating. I could also remember my dad telling me not to wait till I have enough before given to less privilege in and around. So this time, I was wondering what these brothers and sisters in these conditions goes through, especially in this era of the deadly COVID-19, because we are no longer in normal times as usual.
So, I thought of us feeding them with my little widow’s mite and am glad they told no one had brought food to them since the fight against coronavirus started, that means I am the first to care for their feeding during this difficult time. Glory be to God almighty”. He expressed


According to Mr. Ngamegbulam, it is important to always show love and care to our brothers and sisters who find themselves in some of these critical conditions, because no one knows tomorrow.

“I think, it is time we start disabusing our minds by saying, I can’t be disabled or I can’t be mentally challenged. Because, in the first place, our brothers and sisters in such conditions do not wish to be either disabled or mentally ill but because one or two circumstance, one will be force to. An example was one guy I saw as part of the disability group today, I was shocked to see him blind, because this is a guy who uses to work actively on my motorbike wheel. So are you telling me that guy is happy man today as a disable person?”. He questioned

Mr. Ngamegbulam said, he intends expanding his kind gesture to the vulnerable in future across the region but stressed, he is handicap at the moment as an individual championing the course.

Meanwhile, speaking to the leadership of Persons with Disabilities in the Bolgatanga Municipal of the Upper East Region, Apania Issah,he expressed satisfaction with such a kind humanitarian gesture shown by the award winning journalist.

“I want to, on behalf of my colleagues brothers and sisters of Person with Disability express my gratitude to Mr. Ngamegbulam for his show of love to us. We pray for his prosperity and welfare and we also pray that by this time next year, God will multiply all his riches. We are grateful”. He said

However,  Mr. Ngamegbulam uses the opportunity to call on benevolent organizations and individuals interested in his ideology to come on board with any form of assistance.


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