John Mahama wants to debate? Nipa Nsuro Animguase3!



John Mahama wants to debate? Nipa Nsuro Animguase3!

By Fadi Dabbousi

What! John Mahama is calling for a debate with President Nana Akufo-Addo? I just cannot believe what I am hearing! “Ok, so John Dramani Mahama does not seem to have had enough of the trolling and shame, having used the office of the President during his tenure to go on a sex ride, making same a permanent feature in his life. Ghanaians have received revelations of new babies born to him at Agogo, Kasoa, and other places with a painful cringe yet in spite of all that he still has the audacity to call President Akufo-Addo for a debate!


Well, I am wondering what he wants to debate Akufo-Addo on. Does he want to justify the extremely expensive projects he undertook, few as they were? Does he want to clarify to the nation that his tenure featured just one overly priced interchange called, “Dubai-Circle”, while the rest were mere flyovers? That is what they are … “overly priced flyovers”! Does he want to justify how he used the one billion US Dollars that he earmarked for the resurfacing of the Accra roads that did not see any work at all? Does he want to justify how the guinea fowls flew to Burkina Faso, or why he was unable to solve ‘Dumsor’ in spite of the heavily overburdened Ministry of Energy that signed many many power purchase agreements at exorbitant cost to the nation, which did not help the situation anyway, transferring the fiscal albatross onto the necks of abused Ghanaians who were sullenly asked to pay more for electricity if they wanted a stable supply, something that the nation never experienced under his presidency?


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What at all does he want to debate?

Or he wants to debate his utter imprudence versus the wisdom of governance as exhibited by Nana Akufo-Addo? It cannot be at all, really! John Mahama cannot even begin to speak to the thousands of projects and initiatives that the Presidency of Akufo-Addo has manifested, or the hundreds of village dams or the scores of factories created or the hundreds of farms promoted and sustained by a stable economy made possible by the “planting for food and jobs programme” or the Free SHS that he stupidly wants to take credit for even though he refused to implement it while he used the national coffers to campaign against it. And when the pressure mounted on him to implement though it beared the Akufo-Addo signature, he lackadaisically tried a progressive programme which he claimed would bring the country up to readiness for a full implementation in 20 years! Can you imagine how far 20 years iswhen President Akufo-Addo implemented it effortlessly with such alacrity! What does John Mahama want to debate?

It pained him to spend the nation’s money on infrastructural and manpower development because he had the likes of well-endowed girls to buy houses for at the cost of hundreds of thousands of US Dollars each other than the free Toyota Landcruisers and Hyundai i10s for bleached ladies with beefy-bottoms!

What does he want to debate Akufo-Addo on? This man, John Mahama, does not feel the shame of having used his presidency to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians by cutting the sod for a ten billion US Dollar mirage “Hope City” that never materialised not to mention the hoax of prampram international airport, which turned out to be the fraud of the century! Is he not ashamed that he scammed the nation and spammed Ghanaians with insincere messages and reports that just drove this country into the abyss of a festering wound that never healed until His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo became President and turned the fortunes of our country around?

My GOD! How does John Mahama not feel shame at all? How does John Mahama not fear GOD at all? How does John Mahama not feel the burden of such a colossal failure as that that beleaguered his government and primarily him?

I just want to say that President Akufo-Addo cannot debate sexualism because he is a decent man! He cannot debate sexual bouts because such discussions can only take place between sex maniacs like John Mahama! Nana Akufo-Addo cannot debate divisiveness! Do not forget that under the Akufo-Addo presidency, a 20 year old feud between the two gates of Dagbon was resolved bringing much needed peace that John Mahama and his predecessors could not achieve!

Nana Akufo-Addo cannot and will not debate John Mahama, who lost the nation’s respect and the right to a public discourse due to failure, arrogance, imprudence, impudence, unwise governance, corruption, and embezzlement of the coffers notwithstanding the massive bribes he soiled his name and Ghana’s with like the airbus scandal, the Ford saga, and uncountable more. Oh and lest I forget, the overpriced projects for which heavy invoices were raised like Terminal 3 of the Kotoka International Airport, which cost some $220 million US Dollars for which the contractor claimed to have paid John Mahama 120 million US Dollars and so on and so forth!


No, NanaAkufoAddo will not debate corrupt, discredited, disgraced, and unwise “papa nu” JohnMahama!!!

By Fadi Dabbousi

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