It’s very dangerous to trust these types of people

Are you privy to the fact that people normally fear the dead than the living?

What an irony! Dead men do not have the power to militate against the living. When somebody dies, his thoughts perish with him or her.

But in spirituality, it is believed that those who have a hand in the death of others will equally have the apparition of the dead to battle with. But we are not here to talk about how potent the dead can be.

We all know that living people are far dangerous than their dead counterparts. It is a living person who can cause your downfall in life and not someone who has gone into a state of nonexistence.

There are some individuals who you should never trust in this world at all. Listed below are some of those fellows.

1. Never trust any woman in this world.

This is not an attempt to degrade the virtues of the few responsible women in the world. But let us look at this scenario: if you bring home a baby cobra and it grows into an adult, it will not assume the characteristics of meek, tamed and harmless domestic animals.

It will still spit venom as a defensive measure. It is the same with women. There is more harm in trusting women than holding onto a live electric cable! After all, you can predict what will happen when there is a flow of electricity. But a woman will take you by surprise which may leave an indelible mark on you. Many men have already suffered in the hands of women and others who do not learn, will equally suffer.

2. It is highly dangerous to trust your friends.

In the Ghanaian folklore, the crab lost his head as a result of trusting his bosom friends. Your friends will always be present so long as you have money to spend on drinks and dainty meals. When you are going through hard times, they will disperse.

Even if you extend a helping hand to your friends, it shall be returned with… think about the rest. In effect, never trust your friends. Even your own shallow will live you when you are in darkness; how much more your friends!

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