It’s a matter of time



There have probably been times in our lives we have cried and worried about so many issues but they are the least of our worries now.

There have probably been times we have been so excited and amused about some successes we chalked but do not consider them relevant now.

There have been times we may have had sleepless nights but the thought of it now even makes us sleep the more.

Things that mattered most sometime past are probably the least of our worries now.

Things that were never our priorities are now our biggest fear and nightmare.


There have been times, people we hated or disliked most are now our best of friends.

Probably, our greatest foes some time ago are now our most trusted pals and cheer leaders.

As we embark on this journey of life, let us all bear in mind that, we are at liberty to make choices but we are certainly not free from the consequences of our choices.

We are at liberty to worry about some issues we may be going through but will worrying solve them? Worrying will only weaken our soul and dampen our spirit.

Remember, the source of your worry now is probably a consequence of a choice you made earlier.

Instead of worrying, seek guidance and counsel, take actions and accept your fate.
Get out of your “worrying zone” and start doing the “needful”…

Just know that, all shall surely pass away one day. Live life to the best of your abilities.
Never give up, see these worries as an opportunity to redefine and make the best out of your life…

One thing is certain- IT SHALL SURELY END IN PRAISE


Kwame Ohene- Ntow,

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