It’s a lie; no party ever gifted me Land Cruiser… – Agyinasare



Bishop Charles Agyinasare has said it is a lie for anybody to say the property on which Perez Dome sits was gifted him by a particular political party.

Similarly, he said the Dzorwulu headquarters of Perez Chapel International in Accra, was not built by any political party, as being rumoured.

He has also denied ever being a beneficiary of a Land Cruiser from any political party as has been thrown out there.

In his Sunday, 25 October 2020 sermon titled ‘Foolish talking and jesting (1)’, Bishop Agyinasare said: “When people lie, they don’t even look at the repercussions”, noting: “Political activists have consistently lied that a particular political party bought Land Cruisers for me and even gave me one for my security when I have never owned a Land Cruiser”.

“My security aide does not own a four-wheel-drive”, he said.


According to him, the “last time the Church bought an official four-wheel for me, it was ten years ago and it was a beautiful Infinity”.

However, he noted that: “Five years ago, I drove to Benin for a crusade and when returning, I had multiple car problems”.

“When I brought the report of the crusade in church, a member got holy anger and bought me a new Lexus.

“I don’t have a problem if the government gives a religious leader a vehicle to enhance his work. I have not received any yet”, the founder of Perez Chapel International told the congregation.

Providing details to debunk the allegation that the church’s headquarters was put up by a party, Bishop Agyinasare said: “Recently, because I said something that some people did not like, they were on [the] air saying a particular political party just gave Bishop Agyinasare Dzorwulu and built it for him”.

“The truth is that”, he narrated, “in 1997, there was an advert in the newspapers selling the then-Meat Marketing Board properties in Ghana”.

He continued: “Amongst the list was this place [Perez Dome] – their former Head Office: made up of an old, destroyed office building, an old warehouse with no roof, with the dried blood of the slaughtered cattle and a field overgrown with elephant grass and filled with silt because this is a valley, as the name suggests in Ga, Dzorwulu (big valley)”.

“We put in a bid and won and had to pay it off in one year, otherwise we were going to lose it. We raised monies sacrificially, which the Chronicle [newspaper] reported on, to pay for it.

“Getting to the end of the year, we had not finished paying off, so a precious lady, who was a church member, convinced the husband, who was not a church member, to give us a one-year loan. The man gave us the loan without interest, to pay it off.

“So, if anyone lies that it was given to me, you are insulting all of us who paid to buy this place and you are insinuating I ‘chopped’ or spent the monies raised”, Bishop Agyinasare noted.

He said: “Amazingly, we built the Dome between 2002 to 2008, so, why lie and tarnish a church and a religious leader because I said something you did not like.

“It would amaze you to know that we imported this geometric roof in the beginning of 2008 but it took over a year to manufacture it in America and when the six forty feet containers arrived, a different [government] was in power in 2009.

“I went with my Church Board to see the leadership of the new party to waive the duty because it was for a church. The leadership of this party told us unless it goes to Parliament, they could not do that and, so, we had to pay the duty.

“I am glad we did. Otherwise, today, I cannot even defend it”. However, he added: “I think indigenous Charismatic churches must be helped by the government to succeed because of what we do and the many people we employ if businesses are given an enabling environment”.

“I pity all those liars lying against innocent people for political expediency because liars will not escape punishment “, Bishop Agyinasare added.

Source; Class Fm

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