Is Your Car A Second-Hand Vehicle? Do This Quickly Before It’s Too Late

Whenever you buy a second-hand vehicle, it is very important to car check certain parts of the car even before driving it.

Here the parts that you must consider foremost;

  1. Timing Belt and Chain Belt: It is very ideal to check the timing belt of the vehicle including the chain belt. This is because of the fact that the duo can cause a serious damage to the engine of the car. As a preventive measure, change it quickly if your vehicle’s millage is above 200,000. The according to producers, the average life span of chain belt is estimated to over 80,000 to 120.000 kilometers whereas that of the timing belt is 60,000 to 100,000 kilometers.
  2. Check The Suspension of Your Car: Always never forget to measure the front wheels. Jack up the vehicle and check out for any sign of damage or grease. Don’t forget to check out the ends of the tire rod including the break pad.
  3. Remember To Service Your Car: It is highly relevant to service your second-hand vehicle so as to boost the performance of the engine. What you have to do is to drain the engine oil and replace it with a new one quickly. The spark plugs too should be changed. Do away with the oil filter and replace it with a new one including the air filter. Your car will perform better and faster the moment you do these and you will not get disappointed before your family.
  4. Service Your Starter Motor and Alternator: These two are very important in every vehicle. You have to give great attention to them so as to prevent breakdown.

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