Is This The Best Descision For Your People?- Duncan Williams Boldly Speaks

Renowned Ghanaian Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has finally said it all.

Majority of men of God are mostly afraid of telling the truth because they think they might lose their church members.

Truth we all know sets a person free and this is the reason why anyone who falls within the position of a man of God needs courage to tell the truth about everything.

Famous Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, founder and leader of Action Chapel International on a regular basis has tried his best to speak on these matters since they all contribute to the growth of the country which he happens to be a part of.

In his sermon on a continued episode of leadership, he disclosed that leadership requires a lot of characteristics.

And these characteristics according to him needs to be possessed by the leader.

He stated that a tough decision maker is the kind of leader who is always on top of his game.

Making a comparison with the current situation in the country, the archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams recounted how the leadership of President Nana Addo had been questioned after the corona virus pandemic and its lockdown period.

As we all know, the lockdown period brought mamy hardships and people hardly had enough water to drink. However, the bold decision to give free of these things and then later decided to take blame of his actions afterwards all in the name of growing the country makes him a leader- he further added whiles emphasizing on the courage to accept blame but not an intention to euologize his government.

Source; Opera News

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