Is it true that NPP should stop thinking about winning 2020 elections?



Election is quickly approaching and there are soo many dazzling actions put in place by political leaders to sweep most of the votes to themselves.

In this period of ‘low key’ rallies and campaigns which is as a result of the corona virus pandemic, the leaders of these political groups can do nothing either than show public love and hear the concerns of Ghanaians.

Any wrong move in this very crucial moment of election can terminate any dreams of winning the election.

Former president his excellency John Dramani Mahama has promised Ghanaians jobs and comfort and if the NPP decides to make a wrong move, it is possible that they will be putting the NDC in the right spot to win the election as they will possibly be favored by drivers etc.

It is alleged that there is going to be a possible increment in the prices of fuel in this month of September. And if this happens, the Npp should know very well that they will be giving the NDC another chance to bounce back with claims of incompetence and misuse of government assets.


However, other ‘freebies’-as said by the NDC and Mahama being enjoyed by Ghanaians might make them overlook the possible increase of fuel prices in this crucial election period but this shouldn’t be a chance they should take.

This possible increments in fuel prices was communicated in a release by Institute of education Science Research & Policy Analyst, Raymond Nuworkpor.

It was alleged that the competition between Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to control and gain market shares could result in selling price of fuels remaining unchanged within the first Pricing-window of September 2020”.

Explaining the major observations within the second pricing window in August, IES said fuel prices on the local market remained stable in the pricing-window under review.

The current national average price of fuel per litre at the pump is positioned at GH¢4.80 for both Gasoline and Gasoil- noted by the IES.

In the first Pricing window in early August, it was revealed that prices were stable and so was the second window in late August.

However, the recent possible decision to increase the fuel prices may go against the Npp in the upcoming election.

Will this bring down the Npp? Does Mahama stand a chance?

Source; opera news

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