Is Alan The Right Man For Ghana’s Economic Empowerment Drive?


By : Rock Nii Danquah-Ashley

In recent times and for a longer time to come, “Jobs” is taking the center of our political debate.

In their book, Making Africa Work; Mills, Herbst, Obasanjo and Davis rightly disclose that, “the fate of leaders will, in the future, be much more directly tied to economic performance” dependent on their ability to create meaningful jobs for Africa’s increasing youthful population.

The Sub-Saharan population, growing at a 2% rate faster than envisaged, in the next three decades shall be the largest continent in the World, coupled with high tendencies of urban migration from low productivity jobs in their veer; to an even inefficient job circle.
This means that there will be even more people without jobs especially in the continents urban areas.

On the back of data from the African Economic Outlook, 2015, suggesting that about 7-10% of the continent’s youthful population are without decent jobs, and with the World Bank sadly projecting that a substantial 19% of the continents population may still be living in poverty (on a 2005 equivalent of $1.25/day) by 2030, an urgent swift response from African leaders is in the cards.

For Ghana, the Star of Africa, our mantra beckons us to; rise in sobriety, providing leadership and hope for our ditto neighbours, and to put our best foot forward in response to the daunting task albeit interminable.

To ameliorate this looming quandary, about some 2 million jobs need to be created annually, policies enacted to transition informal jobs into more sustainable enterprises, in order to egg in on our beer.


A leader with the multi-facetted yet inextricable prowess in the area is imperative; aptly creating sound policies for the growth and development of businesses, liberalizing the economy for such businesses to thrive, and investing in infrastructure for economic diversification yet prodigiously steer clear of corruption in government.

Avowedly, only one name is drawn to memory on the topic of Job Creation and economic growth.
He is a known figure within the rank and file of our space; as an expert in the Industrialization agenda, risen to the height of a global trade icon, a true patriot whose service to the party and its grassroots is unparalleled, a management consultant at many high-level institutions worldwide.

He embodies many such policies towards developing Ghana as an industrialization hub for Africa.
Improving the agricultural industry (our major source of income) from ‘Rich Soil’ to value added creation.

This will lead to business creation, interlinked through trade agreements for a bigger market, providing jobs for the youth of the nation and immigrants, and lastly raising export income to reverse our trade deficit.

It is therefore unconcealed that Hon. Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremanten, Ghana’s longest serving Trade and Industry Minister (for about a decade), is the man with the needed skill and system.

He is a beacon of our nation and a renowned trade expert globally.

He is the right man to leverage his unrivaled successes in past roles, to propel Ghana on a continued path of progress.



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