Invasion of Ghana’s Cocoa Industry, A Wake-Up Call For Nana Addo

 By Dr. Nii Nortey 

China has now exported cocoa to Europe. Apparently they have grown 2 billion trees over the last 6 years, using agronomists from Ghana, paying them $3800 or so per month.

They have also packaged garri like rice and exported to Europe. On the packages, the Chinese have boldly claimed in writing that “from cassava grown on uncontaminated soil”.

Look at the psychological inference this places in minds of consumers out there and the financial damage this will do to the African exporters wanting to compete.

Theirs will be shunned outright very soon! Thirdly, they have also turned their attention is on the pona yam, which is indigenous to Brong-Ahafo and the Northern part of Ghana.

According to the “leaked” document, it shows that China is vying to become the world’s biggest producer of yams in a matter of a few yrs – with pona as its “star” or most lucrative yam export.

Nigeria currently exports about 70% of the world’s yam market but not Pona.

Even here, some market women deviously substitute other yams such as Asanaa for Pona to cheat unsuspecting customers.

The problem here is China will again insinuate that our lands are all contaminated, and crush the African exporters.

The Chinese are in Africa plotting to subjugate and finally eliminate us – because whoever is hungry and thirsty does not care about gold, land or property.

Food and water is next strategy in their war against Africa. That is, the first phase was the loans, followed by the contamination of the land with galamsay….

Look at Zambia and how the Chinese are ruining the land there extracting bauxite, or the Congo with the extraction of coltan, etc.

It is not just in Ghana facing galamsay or illegal minining by the Chinese, etc. Africans need to wake up and collectively boot them out…

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