Instead of buying rat poison try this new method that i used to kill 15 rats in 5 hours



Rat, (genus Rattus), the term applied loosely and indiscriminately to all various members of many rodent families with bodies greater than around 12 cm, or 5 inches.

Smaller thin-tailed rodents are referred to as mice just as much indiscriminately.

In the field of science, rat refers to any of the 56 thin-tailed, medium-sized rodent species of the genus Rattus native to Continental Asia and adjacent Southeast Asian islands eastward to the Australia-New Guinea area.

Many of you don’t know much about rats, you just move to the store and get rats poison which isn’t good enough. There are different types of these rats you see and you have to be very careful to find the right poison to use.


These are the most relevant types for rats.

You have to classify your house’s sort of them, so you can get rid of them.

Grade 1 Rats: They are rats within age range of 0-3months. You’re not practicing yet but you can finish all the food in your house. It is they’re eating your food. They keep rising.

Grade 2 Rats: They are very young, from 3-6 months! We just love to explore. It is they who would like to eat important documents in your room. You wake up to find out with poor grades on your O’Level result that they took all the credits with you to the left. You will agree on your diploma to eat the 1st certificate and leave class. You’ll have to say you’ve had a 1st class instead. They are very bad

Grade 3 Rats: they ‘are a 6m -1-year-old. They ‘re basically the most annoying team. They ‘re wild beasts. Rather, they are not going to eat your food or certificates; they ‘re going to consume your flesh instead. They are the ones that feed on your leg (the fleshy part of the thumb) when you sleep on.

The funniest thing they do is that they blow breeze on it if you want to wake up and you’re going to think that Nepa has put light into your mind; not knowing it’s a natural breeze. We are the cleverest rats; we are the ones who know all the algorithms. Of course, they’ve spent a few months in your house. You know you ‘re using the rat poison smell, but they don’t even eat it..

The last Grade: They ‘re 1 year up. They ‘re barely fatigued. They grow old, and die naturally. But, the new method I will teach you in this article will get rid of them within hours.

All those rats do is replicate and reproduce. They are the most concerned. They replicate just almost every month. That’s why you keep destroying them every night, and see a new collection the next day. They ‘re able to give birth at once to as many as 15 babies. They are also grandparents.

When you continue to buy regular rat poison because it’s smart, you might not be able to avoid grade 3 and grade 4 rats. So why not follow those rules, instead of wasting your money on poisoned rats, which helped me kill all the rats in my house without cocoa?

Get the following items ready before night falls: unused tiger batteries, a rubber plate you no longer need, a dry stick and a piece of a glove, based on the supposed number of rats in your house.

Can you do this only if you’ve got fresh fish? Relax, you’ve got no fish to buy, you’ve got to get the shark head. Some minutes (2-3 minutes) you parboil your fish and you make sure your children will not wake up when you want it. Be sure not all your food and soups are available.

There’s a black acid inside tiger batteries. You have to master this acid, it’s very strong and odorless. A rat will never detect the smell. Whatever their senses are sharp. Find a way to cut the batteries and put the shrimp in acid black. Note; add a few amounts of acid only. The color of the fish should not be black.

It’s the system I used to eradicate rats in my house.

I did about 9 p.m. and was surprised when I woke up to sleep at midnight, by the amount of dead rats I found in my room. The number was 15.

Since then, I have never had a rat epidemic. It is possible to test but, please, the acid is very solid. Don’t let your mouth or your nose touch it. Therefore, after your use, you can wash and burn the gloves very well. It is advisable. Take great care. Take great attention.

Thanks for reading this little piece, i hope you’ve gained one or two from it.

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