Incredible!!! “Face-the-wall” Cures Stomach Ulcer…See Other Benefits



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If you care to know “Kokonte” which is otherwise called “lapewa” or “face the wall” is a delicacy that is very popular in Ghana.

In fact there is no proper “chop bar” or better still food eating joint in Ghana that does not sell this food.

Ashantis are known to be the people who consume “face the wall” the most.

Scores of people who belittle this delicacy hypocritically claim they detest this meal but these same people will Nichodemously assign people to purchase some for them for consumption behind close doors.


It will shock you to know that this delicious meal looked down upon by the so called professional class is the first food that finishes on sale at the “chop bar”.

This alone tells you how people love this food.

Below are 4 health benefits of consuming “face the wall”.

1. Heals Stomach Cuts:

Kokonte or “face the wall” aside being a very delicious food when it is paired with groundnut soup and chicken, also helps in the healing of stomach cuts or ulcer.

2. Tightens the “Enjoyment Hole”.

This food also helps tightens the private parts. Expects says when this food is taken with light soup mixed with okra and “Amane”, it helps make large holes shrink and becomes smaller.

3. Reduces menstrual Crumbs:

Another wonderful thing this food does is that it helps reduce menstrual crumbs in women.

4. Remove toxins from the body:

Many people often say consuming” face the wall”, triggers a pungent smell under your armpit.

This is quite true and the reason is, when you eat this food, it pushes out some toxins through the sweat glands.

Hence, it usually makes you sweat but this sweat is for a good reason.

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Source; Opera News

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