In English there is nothing like shaving stick, check out the correct name

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In this write-up, you will get to know that there is nothing called “shaving stick”.

You will again discover the correct word for it.

You just keep on reading this article.

There are many words that are used frequently in our daily expression but they are not found in the dictionary.

Before we go into the headline. Let us checkout some errors in English. They are;

1. Plumpy:

In Nigeria English, many people use the word plumpy which is very wrong. They do not know that it is not correct at all.

The right expression is actually “plump”. Plump means when someone is Chubby or slightly fat. I hope you understood that.

2. Trafficator /indicator:

Many Nigerian drivers apply this when they are driving and want to tell other users that they either want to turn left or right. There is nothing like trafficator in the dictionary.

The correct thing to say is indicator. That is what it is called in English.

3 . Choir/Chorister:

A choir is a collective noun in English, while Chorister is just one unit. You cannot call someone “choir”, it is grammatically wrong. You can say that the person is a Chorister or a member of the choir of the church.

4. Installmentally:

This is another favourite word used by Nigerians. It is very wrong. It does not exist in any dictionary. The correct word is “installments or by instalments”.

I hope you understood all what I explained above. Now let’s go to the headline.

Shaving stick:

There is nothing like shaving-stick. It is wrong in English. The right name is “RAZOR”. Thanks for reading. Do not forget to follow for more updates. We promise to educate you better.

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