I’m very disappointed in you- Kelvin Taylor angrily slaps Captain Smart

Investigative Journalist and founder of the Loud Silence Media, Kelvin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has triggered a massive stir online with his fresh allegations against broadcast journalist Captain Smart.

Kelvin Taylor is known to be an outspoken and firebrand broadcaster who attacks public figures especially politicians over their ill deeds.

He has been labeled as a pro NDC Journalist because he has been an ardent critic of the Akuffo Addo-led NPP government since it took over governance from the NDC.

He jumped to the defense of Mahama and his party and massively campaigned for him in the lead up to the elections.

Kelvin Taylor has seriously descended on Captain Smart over his comments about the just ended 2020 general elections.

In what he described as an act of hypocrisy, he has tongue lashed the host of the Angel morning show for making some comments which seems not to favor Kelvin Taylor.

He has registered his displeasure over Captain Smart’s assessment of the outcome of the elections.

The elections successfully came to an end and candidate Nana Akuffo Addo was decalred the winner.

The opposition NDC has rejected the final verdict and alleged that the EC connived with some media outlets and the NPP to rig the elections.

It has been recorded that, media houses especially Journalist have been threatened after the just ended elections after some political parties accused them of being bias during the coverage of the elections.

Captain Smart has also boldly come out to defend media houses and journalists who took coverage of the polls. According to Captain Smart, the elections was free and fair and the EC’s final declaration is the constitutionally accepted one.

It seems Captain Smart’s submission did not go down well with Kelvin Taylor who has tongue lashed him and his team for being bias in their reportage. In a post signed on his official Facebook page, he has indicated that Captain Smart is an over hyped personality yet his assertions does not match his position and reputation.

Out of provocation he composed; “I just watched Captain Smart speaking on the just ended elections, honestly I am very disappointed in this guy. I think we over hyped this “Hausa Beer” making him think he is club shandy. Can I blame him? No I blame us #Focus”

Source; Opera News

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