I’m highly disappointed and I’ve made up my mind- Kelvin Taylor fires

Outspoken journalist Kelvin Taylor, the host for the loud silence radio has spoken concerning some very important things related to politics in Ghana.

Kelvin Taylor who has voiced out on certain important political issues of the past months has ones again commented on some issues which he deems unprofessional and a great disappointment.

He was spotted lambasting the New Patriotic Party (NPP) whiles criticizing some members of parliament who involved themselves in some unprofessional situations.

As we all witnessed in house of parliament, the MPs did the unexpected as they were seen in a competitive mood and a very disturbing scene.

Members of parliament were noticed on live television snatching ballot papers and this was very disappointing.

The most disturbing part is when this member of parliament was seen justifying this act and showing little or no remorse at all.

Kelvin Taylor in his statement applauded John Dramani Mahama for his conduct and humility throughout this time of alleged election rigging etc on the loud silence radio.

He continued to state that John Dramani Mahama has given him the chance to believe in political leaders once again because at a point he lost hope in politicians.

Speaking on the acts of some of the parliamentarians also, he stated: “I am very disappointed and I have made up my mind to continue exposing these Npp politicians who have nothing to do aside spending money and making noise.

Indeed what was witnessed in parliament was very disturbing and no country would want to see such behaviors in parliament. It was a highly unprofessional act by the politicians and should be dealt with since they’re the face of the govenrment. People go out of their homes in their numbers to vote for them and definitely do not expect these behaviors from any of them.”

Source; Opera News

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