I’ll Say The Truth, Many Politicians Can’t Sleep At Night, Their Debts Are Huge- Kusi Boafo

Chief Executive Officer for Public Sector Reforms, Hon Thomas Kusi Boafo, has lifted the lid on the pains that several Politicians in Ghana face during night hours for choosing the profession.

Disclosing on the State of Ghana show held on Wontumi TV, Hon Kusi Boafo set the record straight that most politicians are in serious debts and have had time sleeping at night.

“They lose their landcrusiers to others. Some appointees owe and they wish to even die. They cant even sleep at night“, Mr. Boafo explained.

According to the outspoken government official, politicians face problems of having their personal cars taken from them adding that “their ex gratia can’t even do anything to help them.”

Source; Opera News

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