I’ll Say The Truth: “I’ve Not Slept For The Past 3 Days”- Sammy Gyamfi



National Communications Director for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sammy Gyamfi has finally filtered the air about his health.

His reaction came few days after some Ghanaians reported that he was seriously indisposed.

Vocal Sammy Gyamfi was absent at the popular demonstration staged by the NDC youth and that got many Ghanaians wondering his whereabouts.

It is unknown who sparked the rumor of Mr. Sammy Gyamfi being sick but his condition went viral.

Some people even speculated that Sammy Gyamfi has been flown to South Africa to seek medical attention due to his critical condition.


But Mr. Sammy Gyamfi has filed a reply after close to one week of being silent on the issue.

Speaking in an interview with Philip Osei Bonsu, he indicated that he was at his house when he started reading various stories on the internet.

Consequent to the stories, he received several calls from all parts of the world with almost everyone checking up on him.

Sammy Gyamfi added that he has not slept for the past three days due to frequent calls.

“I have not slept for the past three days due to several calls from people about my health”, He indicated.

The issue escalated to a point that Mr. Sammy Gyamfi was wondering who could have initiated the story but the national communicatorwas not ill.

Another important assignment occupied him to another place. Just after that, Sammy Gyamfi decided to take a rest from the daily stress he goes through. Mr. Sammy Gyamfi broke the silence about his health and indicated that he is well and healthy.

According to his statement, he has been in perfect health for the past ten years without visiting the hospital.

The past three days have not been easy for the young communicator as people kept ringing his phone.

Source; Opera News

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